Public Speaking Techniques

Want to learn some public speaking techniques?

Are you scared of speaking in public?

  • Do you need to be able to speak to groups of people at work?
  • Do you need to thank people who have attended your party and helped out with the organisation?
  • Do you have to do a presentation and you are not even sure where to begin?
  • Do you want to improve your confidence in speaking to an audience?
  • Are you able to express your ideas clearly and logically?
  • Did you feel fear if you need to get up and speak to a group of people?
  • Do you need to learn public speaking techniques to help you improve your public speaking confidence?

Did you know that most people would rather die than get up and speak in front of a group of people???…..The good news is that fear can be overcome. Public Speaking techniques can be learnt and used to improve your skills. This is the story of how I overcame my fear of speaking in public….

Hi my name is Gabe Morahan and I am going to let you know how I went from a nervous, bumbling and sweaty public speaker to a confident and assured speaker!


 When I started public speaking, I struggled to speak clearly and confidently due to my nerves. I had sweaty palms, my heart was beating really fast and I felt like I was going to be sick. I was one of those people who would rather die. I was so bad at speaking when I just said my name in public I was often asked to repeat it because I spoke so unclearly and with so many nerves that no-one could understand me. Sound familiar??

I certainly would never have predicted that a few helpful public speaking tips and public speaking techniques could help me to overcome my fears, become a confident speaker and avoid very common mistakes.


 Back to my story,

Not only did I overcome my nerves and fear in relation to public speaking but I also learnt valuable lessons about distractions to an audience, timing, great openings and handling difficult audience members.

I woke up one day and realized how many opportunities I was missing out on in my life because of my fear. I let it control me and the situations I put myself in. But with a few helpful techniques, a bit of practise and a willingness to improve myself, I soon was back in control and accepting jobs where I had to speak to large groups of people on a daily basis.

 Do you feel scared…?


  •  Do you avoid situations where you are going to have to speak in public?
  • Do you feel as a presenter you are no good?
  • Do you get physically sick with the very thought of speaking to a group?Do you worry you will make a fool of yourself if you get up to speak?
  • Are you unsure of how to even write down what it is you want to say?
  • Do you get sweaty palms and a feeling of nausea before you have to speak?

Are you missing out on the promotion you deserve? Are you missing an opportunity for a pay rise you ought to have? Are you bypassing opportunities of developing the relationships you have been longing for?


If you’ve answered yes, then you need to know this fear is costing YOU…a lot!

I thought about it more and realized that we all have to learn to speak – none of us come out of the womb with the ability to talk so maybe just like speaking in general, public speaking was a skill I could learn, practice and get better at.

There is no such thing as a natural born speaker. Even the most articulate and commanding speakers throughout history learnt specific skills to help them become that way. Public Speaking techniques can help you. You too can learn the skills!

YES I want to take action NOW and learn to build my confidence, learn public speaking techniques and learn how to eliminate fear.

Get Public Speaking e-book now!

Get Your Public Speaking e-book Now!



 It’s not your fault.


Public speaking is an essential life skill that we do not learn at school. We do not learn public speaking techniques to help us overcome our fears. Many of our parents do not have the skills themselves so cannot pass them on to us. We are not taught this vital skill and then we find ourselves placed in situations where we are paralyzed with fear and avoiding speaking in public at all costs ….


 So why do we need to learn to speak in public?

In the current unstable financial market, it is important that we keep developing our skills so we can ensure our job is secure. We want job security and by adding the skill set of public speaking to our tool belt we are in a much better position that a lot of our colleagues.

Throughout your life you will be called upon to make an impromptu speech, to thank guests, make a toast or speak to loved ones about a loss in their lives. It is almost unavoidable and think how better you will feel if you are well prepared for these impromptu speeches with a powerful skill set.

We want to be liked. This is a fundamental human desire. If we speak well we can gain the admiration of others as well as building upon our own self confidence and feeling great about ourselves.

A fantastic ability to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas about any topic without going blank or getting your tongue twisted. Having the ability to clearly articulate your message and having in being received positively by an audience.

Speak and the door shall be opened. Once you are a proficient public speaker you will be amazed at the opportunities that arise for you in all aspects of your life.

Great leaders have the ability to communicate with their teams and get the best out of their teams not only because of their vision but their ability to communicate, persuade and influence groups of people by speaking to them.

Develop your personal relationships with the skills you have learnt in communicating effectively the thoughts you hold in your mind into clear messages and making sure the person listening is receiving the message accurately

Once you overcome your fear of public speaking, the sky is the limit. Imagine the power in your life if you realized you had overcome such a major fear – you could achieve anything!


The Path to a More Confident You…..

I suspected there must be an easy way for me to learn some skills so I went out and spent a lot of money on books about public speaking. Different books began to appear on my library about public speaking but I found many of them targeted people who wanted to be professional speakers and do speaking for a living.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were some very good books out there about becoming a professional speaker, however…….

I felt I needed some good to the point tips about how to improve my everyday public speaking, not addressing audiences of 10,000. I also found many of the books waffled on for pages about all sorts of other topics and took up lots of time to read. All I wanted in the beginning was some very specific skills about how to improve my speaking to audiences, what to be aware of and some practical skills to develop.

I was pleased that I had some of the world’s best speakers sitting on my bookshelf and wished I could find some time to read their thick books on how to excel but I found myself rushing off to work, battling peak hour traffic, fitting in chores, family, friends and exercise in the evening, getting dinner ready and collapsing at the end of the day ready to read the book and finding myself too exhausted to keep my eyes open and to even hold a heavy book like theirs.

Sound familiar?


You can guess I was feeling pretty frustrated with it all….

Seriously, all I wanted to do was to be able to get some great simple tips that I could use straight away to improve my public speaking at work and in my social life. Tips I could use instantly to improve my skills and reap the rewards that would be forthcoming with me being a more talented public speaker, being able to do a good presentation at work so I could become recognized and maybe get that next job promotion.

Was that too much to ask? It couldn’t possibly be so difficult, could it?

Thankfully, you will never need to struggle as hard as I did because I have put together an incredibl e-book to support you in your pursuit of overcoming your fear of public speaking.

“Usually when I speak at a conference, I get very nervous, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest,my hands get sweaty and when I begin talking my voice is very shakey. I read Gabe Morahan’s Public Speaking for You ebook, and followed the suggestions and tips.

Today when I spoke at a national conference in front of leaders in the field, I felt confident and relaxed, I controlled my nerves, and in the end I had fantastic feedback about my presentation, how relaxed I looked while maintaining my professionalism to present my paper.

My colleagues who had seen me speak before wanted to know what my secret was as they commented how relaxed and confident I appeared compared with other times they has seen me speak.

I would recommend Gabe’s ebook to anyone who gets nervous when speaking in public. I am now looking forward to my next opportunity to speak, and feel now that I can control my fears and nerves and continue to be a confident speaker”

Debbie Watson, South Coast, NSW

 You should act NOW to take advantage of this publication because for the next 100 customers, I am going to give away my e-book at for a reduced investment from you. That is right, this e-book normally goes for $31 but for the next 100 customers it will be on sale for $23.


Get Public Speaking e-book now!



This e-book is going to to help you overcome your fear, give you advice of the most common mistakes and give you tips about how to be a great public speaker.


“Thank you so much for your help with public speaking. The advice in your ebook has helped me remove my fear of public speaking and attune myself with my audience. I am now able to communicate confidently and actually enjoy sharing my information.

Once again, thank you so much for helping me succeed and enjoy what used to be a terrifying experience!”

Dawn Smith, Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Not only can you get the e-book for $23 but if you invest in yourself and order the e-book in the next seven days you can receive a free MP3 recording of the entire book so you can have the convenience of downloading it to your ipod and listening to it at a time convenient to you. The MP3 is free when you purchase the e-book but remember it is only for the next seven days.

Take action now because it means when you put the tips into practice, you will no longer be missing out on job promotion opportunities, pay rises, the chance to lead others, the ability to develop meaningful relationships. You will be able to pass on this valuable skill set to your children.

You should not deprive yourself for one more day of all the opportunities public speaking skills will provide you.

Take Action Now and see the results for the rest of your life!!! Begin on the path now to a more confident you….

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 Get Your Public Speaking e-book Now!

Get Public Speaking e-book now!

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